Our Services

We offer a variety of professional services which are all covered by your auto insurance including specific corrective light-force spinal adjusting 9manipulation), massage and neuromuscular therapy, electrical therapies, hydro massage (water bed table), chair and table massage or intersegmental traction therapy, ultrasound, moist heat packs, deep tissue massage machines, manual trigger point theray done by Dr B or his LMT Chris. On site x-rays which are developed, read and reviewed w/ the patient directly. We also do physical examinations, periotic re-evaluations and comparative x-ray exams during your care. We provide your insurance company and/or attorney all necessary information and most importantly, a final narrative report w/ applicable IR(impairment rating) for settlement of legal cases. To summarize we provide the following services:

  1. On-site X-Rays
  2. Electrical therapies
  3. Ultrasound
  4. Massage therapy w/ LMT on staff
  5. Chair/table massage therapy
  6. Neuromuscular therapy
  7. Trigger-point therapy
  8. Hydro-massage therapy (Water-Bed Table)
  9. Physical Examination
  10. Impairment Ratings via the AMA Guides (nec. for legal cases)
  11. Corrective/Rehabilitative Exercises
  12. Help w/ all paper work including your mileage reimbursement forms!
  13. Answer any questions you may have
  14. Work w/ your lawyer or make recommendations on request